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Time to relax

Shhhh, you hear that? It's silence. No cheering fans, no breathy commentators, no thump of body parts on balls and no fucking vuvzelas. You might think I mean just South Africa, but I don't. Today is the only day where there is no major sport played around the world as well.

No basketball, no baseball, no hockey, no football and no soccer (and the MLB All-Star game is the only thing on tomorrow). Even Le Tour is on a rest day. There's also no rugby in the rugby-playing nations, no netball, and according to CricInfo the only cricket is the first day of a test between Australia and Pakistan (stupid cricket ruining a perfectly good day).

It's a good day to relax. Read a book. Take a walk in the snow if you're down south. Hang out with friends and ignore all of the manufactured sports "news".

If you're a total junkie you can always watch the MLB Home Run Derby (think of it as a porno made completely out of moneyshots). But you'll just feel dirty afterwards.

So take the time to enjoy the silence, it only happens once a year.

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