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The Wonder Years

I sat eating my late dinner of meat and three veg and drinking a beer from an old Lion Red pint glass while, on the television, New Zealand played Australia in the cricket. The nostalgia damn near pushed me out of my chair.

I was surprised to be honest, but I really was taken back to those days in the 80s. On a warm summer evening in the suburbs of Tauranga you could ride your bike around and hear the cheers from the houses as we got a wicket or hit a six. Or alternating between lying on the floor in front of the TV and running outside to practice bowling against a wall.

Of course back then there wasn't someone on the couch doing the grocery shopping from a laptop while I checked the stats on my CricInfo iPhone app. But something about it felt all Wonder Years-y.

I have to admit I missed the end of the game, and that I also assumed we would lose after Ross Taylor was out. Turns out we didn't. Saved by the man I once described as looking like a Grizzly Bear when he bowled, Scott Styris.

And what do you NOT do to a Grizzly Bear? Head butt it. You probably shouldn't head butt a guy in a helmet and carrying a large bat either. Heck you can't even kick him in the nads, silly Australian.


There is also a Public Address/Cricket/Wellington announcement coming up, so keep an eye out for that.

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