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The old mail bag

I get mail:

Dear Hadyn
Will you please write about this on your PA blog?

One of my workmates, who is a gay, has been taking great delight in it. Great delight.

Yours sincerely

What could "this" be? I thought. So I had a look.

"This" is the new Adidas Super 14 promotion called Jersey Swap. On the site you chose two of five local players to swap jerseys. The players remove their own jersey, then take, but don't wear, their friend's jersey.

The mathematically inclined amongst you will have figured out that this means ten possible combinations of manly rugby shirtlessness. At time of writing there was no button to watch the players being hosed down while they wrestle.

In terms of LOLZ this ad is almost as good as the one for the All Blacks that featured Sione Lauaki, Josevata Rokocoko and Leon MacDonald when none of them were playing for the All Blacks.

Speaking of uniforms did anyone catch the Cheetahs-Brumbies match last weekend? This is what you would've seen if you had.

What the fuck Cheetahs and Brumbies? In any sport the home team is allowed to wear white it wants to, and many teams do so. But then they should really make sure their opponents know what the situation is. In fact I know that the Super 14 franchises get together before the tournament with the sole purpose of making sure these kinds of clashes don't happen.

The Cheetahs home strip is white and has been for a long time. Their away strip is… well, ugly. So really the onus was on the Brumbies to bring their rather fetching dark blue ensemble.

Actually in writing this I've discovered some details in the Cheetahs jersey that I might bore you all with another day.

Instead watch this fucking amazing full court, nothing but net basketball shot by a little kid…that didn't count.

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