Field Theory by Hadyn Green


The business end

The results from the second round are in and there’s been a few upsets. By upsets I mean that I am upset that people don’t agree with me, but I’ll get over it.

Super Rugby:

  • The Stormers came off their first round bye to trounce the Cheetahs 70-23
  • The Chiefs came back from after an early surge from Auckland to beat the Blues 48-46
  • The Highlanders comfortably beat the Kings 64-29
  • And in the final match the Crusaders fought back from a first half deficit to beat the Hurricanes 52-41

International Rugby:

  • It didn’t look good for the French, going into the weekend the Irish had a comfortable lead, but a late rally saw Les Bleus squeeze past 54-41
  • It just isn’t the best year for Australia when they’re up against England, losing this one 68-28
  • In an upset (again, I’ll get over it) the beautiful blue and white of Italy was beaten by the solid green of South Africa 57-38
  • Finally in a realistic scoring match-up, the All Blacks beat Fiji 82-14

(scores are votes not %)


The Chiefs and South Africa are now the two lowest seeded teams (7 and 8 respectively) to make it through. The biggest clash may be between England’s pure white and France’s retro blue sans advertisements. In Super Rugby the green of the Highlanders clashes (literally) with the red of the Crusaders in a southern derby.

The Stormers lovely blue and white stripes face off against the Germanic colours of the Chiefs. South Africa faces its biggest challenge in the black jersey, will AIG be the downfall of the All Blacks? That’s up to you.

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