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Red versus Green

I've collated results for the first round of the uniform competition and there was a tie! Wales vs South Africa ended in a draw so it's going to a sudden death one-day only contest!

Wales: The team with Under Armor who in the past have worn these yellow things but who never, unlike England, look out of place in the pub (note the Scot is the only one actually drinking). Though they have also gone down the "oh we should totally wear black because it's cool" route. Right now it's red and white slightly over complicated with odd-shaped side panels and a weird little white bib.

South Africa: sticking with Canterbury means one thing: piping. Piping that oddly disappears when they train though. But does that orange/yellow piping really bring back the glory of that collar from 1995? (We should've won that game, but that Bok uniform is one of their best.) Of all the teams the Boks change the least, even Nike didn't fuck with it too much. The weirdest they got was the 2007 Caterbury sticky "underwire" pattern.

So who wins it? One day, two teams, best dressed wins!

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