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Quickly on a busy morning


Ok it’s been a really stupidly busy week for me so here are my thoughts on recent sporting events:

Rugby League:

  •  Inevitable loss to the Aussies, let's move on.

Chiefs v Hurricanes:

  • The best team won. Ah don't get all shirty. The Chiefs won, there was no reffing controversy, there were no citations, there was no tiny crowd.
  • This was the best Super 14 game this season between the two best New Zealand teams. Both teams playing at their peak ability and running and connecting with the fluidity that comes with the later rounds of the competition.
  • I would not be shocked to see both of these teams in the final, but given their respective histories I also wouldn't shocked to neither of them.

NBA Finals:

  • The Celtics may be the only team from Boston that I don't hate. And Big Baby pushing that kid in Orlando was actually pretty funny.
  • I like the Rockets. I like that Ron Artest pissed off Kobe Bryant. I like that the Rockets gave the Lakers a massive beat down without Yao Ming or Tracey McGrady. In short: Go Rockets!
  • LeBron looks like he wants to win really badly this year.

NHL Finals:

  • ... um ... I ... well ... hey, at least it's actually on this year.

The Future of Super Rugby:

  • Super 15? Super 16? Super 134?
  • Really, who knows what we're going to get. The chances of it being bad are much higher than the chances of us getting something that we'll love.
  • The talk of conferences is interesting but would New Zealand ever consider dropping a team? We are a small market, especially compared with Japan, Australia and South Africa, so why do we get five teams? "We have the best players" might not cut it in the professional world.
  • A three conference set-up looks like an option (five teams per conference). I'd prefer four four-team conferences (geographically allocated).
  • Feel free to add your grand ideas.


  • So there is a wee tournament going on in South Africa at the moment (when did the Rainbow Nation become the place for large sports events?).
  • OMG! Jesse Ryder had a drink! That's almost news!

League Players:

  • Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with rugby league players?
  • This case is so similar to the English Rugby team's case last year and I imagine the defensive discussion about it will be the same: why was she there? Why didn't she leave? etc.
  • I've not really thought about this one too much. But really in my mind the NRL has a good competition that they are fucking up by not coming down hard (REALLY FUCKING HARD) on the clubs and players when shit like this happens.

The All Whites:

  • Going to South Africa (why not, everyone else is) to play football but wearing black. You don't care about uniforms but really I can't believe how stupid this is.
  • First the name will have to be changed... I suppose we could be just "New Zealand"... crazy.
  • A lot of football teams play in white, but that's because it look cool! We shouldn't change our strip because once in every 100 years we might play England.
  • I always saw the All Whites being the opposite of the All Blacks. They were the less popular sport, they were the team that wasn't the best in the world etc.­ By also dressing black (and receiving a stupid nickname) they become less special.
  • Fuck Eric Young and his stupid fucking colu­mn in the SST (that I read while grabbing lunch for my 48 Hours team). "New Zealand always plays in black", yeah! Well, except for the years we played in navy and gold.

Super 14 final four

  • So who ya got?­

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