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Part of the Game

While "watching" the game last week via texts from Megan's mum, we heard no homophobic slurs. I did notice something odd though.

We were at a birthday party for a friend who had asked us all to dress up "fancy", so our group of friends were in suits and evening dresses. When I mentioned that I thought I might pop down the road to the pub to watch a bit of the rugby, I was asked by a number of people: "But you'll be dressed up?" Nicely dressed people don't watch rugby, apparently, only homophobic socially-backward fuckwits do.

I've talked about this a lot before. A LOT. The crossover between fuckwits and fans of rugby is quite high. Though let's be honest, I could write that sentence as "The crossover between fuckwits and fans of [x] is quite high," for all known values of x.

I do not wish to wade through the (currently) 176 comments on Russell's post about the Eden Park incident, but hopefully someone pointed out that the thugs who said homophobic slurs were "part of the game" were clearly wrong because they were saying them to a gay couple. It would be nice to say that eventually these sorts of people will disappear from our lives, but they won't. People = shit, is the saying, I believe, and there will always be fuckwits fuckwitting the place up and a few flecks of shit will ruin the entire glass of milk.

This should not be a reason to not attend. This should be a reason to attend in vast numbers. There will be so-many broadminded people that our non-gendered non-homophobic insults towards the opposition and referees will blot out the sun (or stadium lights, whatever, I've stretched out the metaphor anyway).

Now it's Christchurch's chance to show off it's tollerence of all people and be a good crowd. (I will be watching via text updates while I'm MCing the Roller Derby in Wellington)

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