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Not quite four years ago I wrote my first post here. The opening line was "I am a huge Olympic fan." This is still true. Even more true now as late-onset Olympic Fever has gripped me like a mystery disease that will keep me at home for two weeks.

This year the Olympics are on Sky. Whereas last time around I was able to construct a "headquarters" with multiple screens ruining simultaneous TVNZ feeds, this time I will have to be a little more fiendish.

Prime will be showing the games free to air:

Prime’s Olympic broadcast will be the most coverage ever seen on free-to-air television in New Zealand with 23.5 hours per day, taking a half hour break for Prime News First at 5.30 each evening.

Prime will broadcast a myriad of events including swimming, hockey, athletics, rowing, equestrian, cycling, boxing, weightlifting, diving, sailing, wrestling, gymnastics and football as well as the official Opening and Closing ceremonies.

There are rumours that you can watch Prime's coverage for free through the iSky website too. Though obviously I can't try that until it starts rolling.

There's still some things you can do if you want more than Prime offers. According to PC World "Sixty-four territories have access to the YouTube livestream of the London 2012 Olympics", but not New Zealand. But what say you have an Aunt or Uncle who live overseas and don't mind if you watch their computer. But don't that because it might be less than legal.

On an unrelated note, Tunnelbear's unlimited service costs US$4.99/month. But like I say that's probably not helpful.

So what to watch?

Well tomorrow the games open, but you've probably already been watching the football, the tl:dr is that New Zealand aren't doing so great right now. By the way, if a sport can't be played within the two week time frame of the Olympics, don't include it.

  • Personally I'd avoid the badminton unless you know someone in it and the basketball for now unless the US team are playing because it's always fun to see them flummoxed by international teams who shouldn't be allowed to beat them.
  • The boxing will be interesting as women's boxing makes its debut. Unless you aren't into bloodsport.
  • But the best thing to watch on the first day will be the cycling road race. It's great to have running in the background and occasionally check up on.
  • Equestrian dressage will let you watch the best-dressed athletes muck about on horses, while Nike figure out how to add a swoosh to a top hat.
  • The team gymnastics are also starting on day one. Watch as people do things that we really should've stopped doing three evolutionary-steps ago. Amazing.
  • The rowing will most likely be dull until the finals (a bit like athletics). And we can expect a few medals for NZ so that'll be a bit good.
  • And swimming, yeah swimming will still be at the Olympics. You perverts.
  • But my personal favourite is Weightlifting. Goddamn, GODDAMN that's an amazing sport! Watch out for some crazy strong people, and huge personalities like Holley Mangold.

It's going to be awesome (I keep repeating in my head).

Oh and then there's this:

It will also feature yours truly at some point. It will be funny but not offensive, not shit like other late-to-the–party commentaries, and totally free. Follow the twitter feed for broadcast times.

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