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Horrors of the Past

Whenever we give away a prize pack on the Dropkicks it contains (amongst other things) a rugby almanac or programme from the "olden days". What I love most about giving these away is that when I'm in the second hand bookshop I can pick up a wee treat for myself.

The first time it was the Rothman's Pall Mall Rugby Almanac of the 1965 tour by the Springboks. Yes, that kind of Pall Mall. Here's the centre page.

I also purchased the 1968 French tour almanac for my French friend. It contains a picture of Dave Gallaher looking hard as fucking nails.

My 1979 almanac features a photo that caused a lot of uniform discussion.

Then I bought the best one yet. It wasn't as interesting or of great a historical significance but the Official TVNZ Television and Radio Guide for Rugby Union in 1984 is fantastic.

Check out the photos, there's something for everyone: the Ranfurly Shield; the Aussies still wearing those awful Adidas uniforms; 80's Computer ads; great t-shirts; and of course heaps of rugby memories. Well, sort of.

My French friend asked "Did you go to any of those games?" And I had to admit (as I do to you all now), that I didn't. I don't even remember watching that much rugby on TV when I was a kid. In fact the only sport I think I watched on TV was American Football which I followed because I was once given a jersey that said 49ers

In some ways it's a good thing. Over at Sportsfreak they weren't feeling confident going into the Ranfurly Shield game, because of the horrors of the past.

The Warriors ignored the "no eighth seed has ever beaten the first seed" and the "it's been a long long time since anyone beat the Storm at home" talk and now they're in the semifinals of the NRL. (Way to go boys, that penalty try was ballsack and a stunning second half).

The Silver Ferns put their loss in the past and came back to beat the Aussies (are they called the Diamonds now?)

I thought I'd have a look back over the Silver Ferns record against the Australians. Going back to 2005 (the furthest back I could find results, if anyone knows where I can get more please point me to it) New Zealand has scored 481 points and Australia has scored 488. The difference is seven points! The average margin of victory is six points. So when we lose, as long as it's not by seven points or more, we shouldn't be worried (but wins by seven points or more are fantastic!)

[Sorry for the long drinks between posts, turns out I had/have bronchitis. How darling!]

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