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He's good, but I still don't like him

It's like Ali versus Fraser, if the two boxers were given sticks and told to hit balls at each other. Actually it's much better than that.

Nadal versus Federer is going to be one of those rivalries that they make documentary films about (if someone is following these guy around at the moment, i would like to put in a proposal).

If only I liked Nadal. The singlet-wearing chipmunk really annoys me, though I can't figure out why. He does look like Atreyu.

And speaking of the tennis, that old cherry about pay has come up again. The skinny is women play best of three, men play best of five (not including tie-breakers) but both now earn the same prize money.

Money in sports is always about earning potential and women's tennis brings in the punters just as much as men's tennis. Work rates or time spent on court doesn't have too much to do with it. I would be more interested in this issue if tickets to the women's matches were cheaper.

There is the argument that women can in earn more in total by playing doubles as well, something the top men don't do as they are knackered from their five set matches (apparently). I call "boo-hoo" on that (with the appropriate hand gestures) as the average men's career is longer than the average women's so it wil even out.

In the end though, it's not my money. When the WTA players asked for equal pay there would have been more of an argument than "because it's not fair". There would have been a business justification (and hopefully it was a little classier than "it's pretty girls running about in skirts on TV").

To cricket now where hopefully someone is paying the Black Caps some money because they deserve it.

I saw this tweet this morning from Dan:

"Same old Aussies, always cheating!" Haddin knows the rules - gloves in front of the stumps = not out. Unbelievable.

And I thought, oh well, we lost but it looks like we've got something decent to grumble about. But then this from Megan

Whatever. It was never in doubt. Cheating Aussie wicketkeepers notwithstanding.

So we won, but have something to grumble about, in other words a perfect win for New Zealand!

And the White Ferns beat the steenking Aussies too. So good results all around. Well, except for Roger.


As I mentioned last week, I'm Superbowling today at Four Kings, Wellington. Come down and join us, if ya like. So while I'm gone you kids play nice in the system.

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