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It's Monday, so that means I would usually be talking American football and uniforms. But I've been really busy today so I'm only going to be able to give you a quick run down of the rugby… yes, I'm kidding.

I said on Friday that I didn't get to go to the game, but that Mike did. Well here's Mike's take on the game:

But my favourite might just be these two guys grappling with the flag.

Some interesting side notes about the game.

SKY has been incredibly smart about the YouTube footage of the game. A banner at the start of any infringing video says: "All footage remains the property of SKY Television New Zealand. This video is here to share the news of the All Whites victory over Bahrain." Unbelievably smart!

The All Whites have become an internet sensation. Especially after a number of Americans woke to find #allwhites as the number one trending topic on Twitter. This raised questions there and in the forums here about, what happens when we go to South Africa?

Well what happened when we went there this year? Nothing. So it'll probably be fine.

And of course there have been those calling this the beginning of the end for rugby in New Zealand. Yes, now that we have qualified for the World Cup for the second time we should stop playing the sport that we've been really rather good at for quite a long time now. This is like Brazil getting to the Rugby World Cup and a bunch of burly young gents declaring: "finally!"

So this is the nice come down. I've been told by many friends who were at the game (including one who did take his shirt off and wave it over his head), that the crowd had a great "vibe" and how after the goal everyone spirits lifted until the final three minutes, when Bahrain was cold and tired and we were fresh and wanting goals.

And now we start saving money to go to South Africa.

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