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Disclaimer Day

I've been here a few days already and I haven't really introduced myself. Hi, I'm Hadyn. Please note the spelling.

You've may have seen me around the traps (by which I mean the internet) at my other blogs:

You may have even read my stuff here during the rugby world cup.

I also have a couple of "creative" blogs: The Adventures of Hadyn Green and The Blog of the Bat. The latter got me down a little when I realised that me pretending to be Batman was getting more readers than any of my other stuff.

I have written the occasional (one) screenplay that has gained international kudos.

My partner is the co-creator of the PrettyPrettyPretty beauty blog that seems to be all the rage with the laydeez.

And finally I work for "the man". I'm living in Wellington, so that should've given you a clue. As such, here is my legally required disclaimer:

Views or opinions expressed in this blog and in the subsequent discussion forums are not necessarily endorsed by the Ministry of Education, and their publication via the blog and forum must not be taken as an endorsement of any kind.

Got that? Besides, I'm here to talk sport not education. Expressions like "taken to school" notwithstanding

With this out of the way I'll get back to the Olympics later today.

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