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Cancellation Notice

Blasted across the front of Stuff's homepage, and subsequently tweeted by a large number of folks, was this headline: PARTY'S OVER: Cuba Carnival Cancelled!. And you know who's to blame? That's right, the rugby.

The Wellington Council has put aside money for the World Cup next year and so couldn't accommodate the $500,000 organiser Chris Morley-Hall had asked for. But according to the article the council usually gives the carnival $200,000.

A smaller funding request would be considered. Any cancellation was the decision of organisers.

Spending on the Rugby World Cup was not affecting the council's decision, [council spokeswoman Michelle Brooker] said. The council has so far put aside $350,000 for a sculpture for the tournament, as well as $100,000 for a cup village.

So it wasn't rugby then. It was some rising costs somewhere in the organisation of the carnival. The increase in expense may actually be because it's being held in the same year as the World Cup and Morley-Hall wanted to do something bigger and better. Hopefully someone asks him that soon.

The eagle-eyed financiers amongst you will have noticed that the council could scrap their ill-thought-out, slightly vaginal statue, give that to the carnival and still have $50,000 in change. I'd probably support that.

But can we please be clear, this is not about rugby versus art. That is an argument I hate. And it's keeps coming up; it is as relevant as pastry versus dolphins. You can have both.

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