Field Theory by Hadyn Green



Jed Soane has been taking photographs for Field Theory for a while now. Along with Mike Roseingrave (now in Melbourne), Jed has followed me on some crazy adventures over the years.

Recently Jed has upped his game with the Beer Project, documenting the craft beer movement in New Zealand. He used a recent exhibition of his photos to help fund a trip to Perth for a course to further refine his techniques and now... well, you'll see below.

And so I want Jed to win the TP McLean Sports Photographer of the Year award. His shots are at least this good and, in many cases, better (Christine Cornege was last year's winner). I feel we can help him do this, though I'm not sure how.

Anyway the photos. Taken from the last two Richter City Roller Derby regular season bouts. The darkened effect is a technique Jed uses called "magic".

Lolo Morales Warming Up Smash Malice vs Brutal Pageant 22 Meat Train Derailed by Fru Ju Smash Malice vs Brutal Pageant 64 Referee Simon Sez Skända Läss Ready to Pounce Tuff Bikkies Smash Malice vs Comic Slams 27 Smash Malice vs Comic Slams 28 Organic Hurtaliser Miller Gnomer Pave-U'Ova!

Come on Face!

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