Field Theory by Hadyn Green

Back (hopefully)

I have a to-do list. It’s not a physical list, more a nagging voice in the back of head that folds its arms, tuts, and says things like “exercise?” in a condescending and hurtful manner. At worst it can lead to some unhealthy mental states, but usually its simply annoying. Public Address is a trigger for this voice.

Since getting a job where I write for a living and since removing SKY sport from my house, the number of posts I’ve written has plummeted. And yet I have written 44,367 tweets (at time of writing), a thousand of those in the last month. (Note when I first drafted this yesterday, it was 44,312).

This is not to say that I haven’t started to write things. 

There have been dozens of topics that I should’ve written about that I got part way through before paying work or some other piece of my (seemingly) busy life intruded. And yet I keep looking at those tweets. I have mastered the short form game; so let’s try that...