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An odd morning

The Metservice said "fog clearing to fine with northerlies". Then from the bus I saw a strange glowing orb in the sky. An older gentleman from a few rows back whispered something about the "sun". More sensible riders hushed him and one voice chastised with: "don't jinx it".

As our electric bus skated silently through Courtenay Place I thought: "There are an awful lot of people out and about for this time of the morning. Even with the nice weather. And why are there so many in red shirts… Oooohhhhh."

I can't believe I had forgotten. Ok, not true, I had forgotten because I don't care. All I really knew about this match was that Manchester United were trying to be the first team to win back to back Champion's League titles.

Sir Alex Ferguson was being his old arseholish self in an interview yesterday:

"We've never done it, no one's ever done it. We're a team that does firsts"

And while I can't stand him and think he's probably over-rated, I love his swagger.

From the bus I looked up the score. It was halftime (hence everyone outside having a smoke) and Barcelona were up 1-0. By the time this goes up the game will probably be decided And then they won by 2-0 (the UEFA site wouldn't update for me beyond 65 mins, so I had to go to ESPN of all places).

The oddest claim I heard was that if Barca win (and they have now) then Messi is the greatest player in the world. What an interesting Correlation-Causation argument.

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