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All Misty-Eyed

I think it is now clear, if you want to beat the Hurricanes just don't let them see what they are doing. My glorious Chiefs have completed part one of their plan to glory by defeating the Hurricanes 14-10 in Hamilton.

Sadly I missed the game and only caught part of the replay. On Friday night I took my Mum to see Danny Bhoy at the Opera House. In the taxi on the way home the driver had talk-back on and we heard some drunken fool dribble his way through some excuses about the Hurricanes and why he supported the Chiefs.

We both sat carefully listening to him blather on because at that stage all we knew was that the game had been tied 7-7 at halftime. When the host finally let on that the Chiefs had won there may have been some whooping in the taxi. My mum is also a rugby fan. In fact on Thursday when I picked her up from the airport and mentioned that we would be going to the comedy on Friday she was disappointed that it was during the game.

So what now for the Hurricanes? While the Chiefs are having their most successful season ever (didn't Lauaki look good?), the Hurricanes are at the end of another "almost" season. I know what to expect from Wellington supporters: a lot of whinging (about the weather mainly I suspect). The Crusaders on the other hand were lucky to even be in the finals.

And now we look to South Africa. The Bulls were the best team in the competition this season and look to be favourites from every angle. But as I have said before, at this point in the competition there is no such thing as an upset.

Sure the Bulls have stifling defence, great break out players and a fairly fucking awesome kicking game but… actually I don't have anything there. The game is going to be at like 1am so it'll be perfect for Waikato Cow-Cockies but I'm unsure how us urban-sophisticate Chiefs' supporters will fare. Might just have to stay out drinking.

Quick Update:
Just saw on Twitter before posting this: "Wondering whether it's unpatriotic to hope the Chiefs get a complete towelling next weekend."

The answer is: no it's not. It's just weird. I can understand wanting the Crusaders to lose but not the Chiefs. They are the puppy dogs of the Super 14, you can't kick them.


Perhaps the worst thing to come out of the weekend was the injuries. Andy Ellis being injured isn't a big blow but Sivivatu being out will be annoying down the road.


Scott Dixon didn't win the Indy 500 (he came sixth after leading for a long time). But I am still a fan of Danica Patrick who came third. I can't wait for the day that she really loses it and decks someone. Or the day when someone gives her a F1 car and she gets to kick Jenson Button in the nuts (c'mon Ferrari you know that'd be awesome!).

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