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All. Black.

Don't think for a second that you can have an article like this and that will not say something about it.

…the All Blacks' shorts and jersey sleeves could be carrying the AIG logo as early as their tour to the United Kingdom, which starts with a test against Scotland in Edinburgh on November 11.

At time of writing the Herald's digipoll on the subject have 71% of people voting that they would be fine with another sponsor's logo on the All Black Uni. I voted that it would be "unsightly". Yes the jersey has had sponsors on it before (beyond the manufacturer's brand): Steinlager, New Zealand beer. Say what you will about the taste, it's a New Zealand brand. Would we have been happy with a VB logo?

AIG is an American insurance company. If anything says "we have decided to suck corporate-dick", this is it.

Currently we have the most logo-less jersey in professional rugby. It is not a "sign of the professional era" that teams have to be covered in garbage advertising. The NFL fights hard to keep its jerseys clean and they make a shit-tonne of money from sponsors (yes, yes bigger market etc etc).

The fact is we could continue to have the best – the fucking BEST – jersey in professional rugby or we could have something that looks like this. Think how ugly the South African jerseys look. Or this trash. Or worse.

Black is cool. We look cool wearing a simple black jersey. Fonzie never wore an insurance company's name on his jacket. C'mon New Zealand Rugby Union, be cool.

Cheers to Rich at for the awesome concept art!

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