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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

by Jackson Perry

Jailbreak Your Pinhole Camera

A funny thing happened on the Internet the other day.  During an otherwise normal exchange with Robyn over the blog, I mentioned the discovery I just made that April 29th was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.  Had she heard of it?

Why yes, apparently she had.

'How cool is that?' I thought.  'We should do one of our own!'

Carefully avoiding the overexposed internet meme, the next thing you know, Petra Jane offered her assistance, Jonathan's on board, Robyn's coming up from Wellington, and we had planned our inaugural Capture Photography Workshop

Here's the details.

Capture Pinhole Photography Workshop

Date: Sunday 29th April, 2012

Time: 10am - 4pm (ish)

Venue: Updated.  Workshop will be held at Minnie Street Studio, 20A Minnie Street Eden Terrace.

Cost: $25 to cover materials, venue hire and other expenses

Numbers are strictly limited, due to the small size of the darkrooms and practicality of en-masse pinhole camera assembly, processing and so on.  Even though I'd kind of like to have 100 people in a room playing with boxes, tin cans and black insulation tape.

Please register your interest using the email reply button below the post, and we'll send out more details by email on what to bring on the day.

After the event, we'll post the best of the day here, and contribute to the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Gallery.

In the mean time Robyn has kindly provided a few images from the workshop she attended last year.

This should be fun.