Capture by A photoblog


Upside Down, Inside Out

by Jackson Perry

A Wintery Reflection

Remember this?

A very warm March for New Zealand; widespread dryness for North Island and parts of South Island

No, me neither. Winter is upon us, and the world is puddle wonderful.

Inspired by this Jos character, who as it happens has been inspiring me for around 35 years now, I went in hunt of some wintery reflections.

Rumour has it there has been some winter happening around the country too, so if you get the chance to capture your own upside down world, throw them in the comments. Or just standard right side up will of course suffice.

It's also the Winter Solstice, so now we can begin the slow ascent to spring. Although don't tell our jonquils, cause they think it's here already.

Big thanks to Capture regular Nora Leggs for her contributions too.

Capture away.

ETA: I'm not actually living in a cave, and do realise there are people displaced by flooding (including one of our PAS whānau - wishing you and your family well Isabel), and houses with roofs blown off, not to mention a drunk ferry blowing around the Cook Strait.

Our thoughts are with everyone suffering from the weather conditions today, and hope things improve for you all soon.