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To Be : Photogram Portraits by Jocelyn Carlin

by Jocelyn Carlin

To mark her forthcoming exhibition of photogram portraits, we welcome Auckland photographer Jocelyn Carlin to Capture. Known for her features and photojournalism work, Jocelyn has also spent the last ten years working on humanitarian and environmental issues in the Pacific region. For this series of photograms, entitled To Be, Jocelyn was inspired by the photograms of Len Lye. Working from her Auckland studio, where she maintains one of the city's few remaining high-end black & white darkrooms, Jocelyn describes the works as "a re-discovery of the craft of photography reveling in the mysteries of a seemingly archaic darkroom, combining technique with observation, and pairing artistic intent with uncertainty of outcome. These portraits are a new way of seeing ourselves, but being reminiscent of the 18th Century silhouette, they are anchored in the past ... More than a simple record of a human profile like the Self, they are subtle and complex, layered, textured, flawed and beautiful."

The To Be : Portraits exhibition opens at the Photospace Gallery in Wellington on June 29th 2012 and runs until  July 14th 2012.

Photospace Gallery is located on the first floor at 37 Courtenay Place. See their website for more details, and the gallery opening hours.