Capture by A photoblog


The Castle

by Jackson Perry

We are one.   Jolisa even made us an awesome cake.  Thanks J.  Seems a bit rich us celebrating only one year when PA itself is celebrating ten.  But you gotta start somewhere, and any excuse for a party, right?

It's been a great year, and a lot of fun, from our perspective.  Had no idea how engaging, disarming, inspiring, tearful, joyful - I'll stop soon - LOLful (ouch) it would be.

There are really too many highlights to make mention of, and a long list of guest photographers and enthusiastic commenters to thank for the contributions, which have made Capture what it is.

Thank you all.

I would like to single a few of people out though.  Jonathan and Robyn were instrumental in getting this off the ground last year, along with the guys at CactusLab, and of course our Über-host Russell for giving us a go.  Thanks yous.  Sophie G has also contributed a huge amount over the year, and when others lacked inspiration, seemed to have a great abundance. 

We have been very fortunate to have guest contributions from Murray Cammick, Adrienne Rewi, Alex Efimoff, Gudrun Gisela, Jocelyn Carlin, Martin Horspool and Doug Richards.  Great to have the privilege of showing your work, and would gladly show more in the future.  Hint hint.

Not forgetting our own PAS faithful Ian, Jackie, Sofie, Lilith and Geoff, who have contributed Guest Posts and/or helped maintain regular engagement in the comments.  Big hugs to you all, and to all the other PAS regulars.  Quite humbling to have so many new friends.

We hope to build on what we've started next year, and resources willing, may try to enhance things a bit.  And we had so much fun with our Pinhole workshop, we'll be doing that again, and hopefully other workshops/photography expeditions besides.

For now, however, we'd like to give something back.  So this post is the lead in for another photo competition.

Capture The Castle Competition

Between now and 21st December we would love you to go out and snap photos with whatever device you have to hand, of whatever inspires you, and at that time we will choose a winner, and give them a Lumix LS5 Compact Camera for Christmas.  (Bribery and corruption!)

Capture away.

Museum lit up for Anzac - Night photography a Capture favourite. Photo: Jackson Perry

Port Waikato looking West - sunsets, seascapes and clouds. We likes them. Photo: Jackson Perry