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Sweet Jesus and Mary Chain

by Jackson Perry

Some Candy Talking: Powerstation 4 March, 2016.

When the concert was announced last year, I quickly bought tickets thinking, 'wow cool, those shoe gaze pioneers are coming back after 28 years. Ace. I went last time and...' then having a few conversations with friends who you thought were fans, only to discover they were underwhelmed, and didn't they have better things to do with their lives yet?

So on the night I went with fairly low expectations, and had I encountered a hot mess in the Powerstation gloom, I wouldn't have been overly surprised, or disappointed.

But then something weird happened. They were bloody good.

For once a legacy band, dredging up their seminal album to tour, exceeded my expectations.

Thanks The Jesus and Mary Chain. You just cost me thousands, as every time another 80s or 90s band comes down, I'll now wonder if they too can live up to the hype.

Full setlist can be seen here.

Bespin in support were also very good. Expecting big things from this band.