Capture by A photoblog


Spring is Like a Perhaps Hand

by Jackson Perry and Sophie G

Are we there yet?

While this hasn't necessarily been the worst of Winters, or even the longest, I'm over it.

The lambs are leaping at Ambury Park (corny alert), and wild flowers are starting to appear around town.  So let's call it early and get on with the bloomin' thing.

Inspired by the twitterati, here's some newness to get you all in the mood, with help from Sophie G.

Capture away.

Title from a favourite poem by e. e. cummings.

Chrysanthemums - keeping spirits up while waiting for spring. Photo: © Sophie G 2012

Calendula, glowing. Sunshine on the darker spring days. Photo: © Sophie G 2012

Cheating here - Zinnia - a taste of summer to come. Photo: © Sophie G 2012