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Pinhole Workshop 2013 - Photo Post

by Jackson Perry

Sunday 28th April was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, and we had our second workshop at Minnie Street Studio. It went extremely well, thanks to the efforts of Petra, Jonathan and Sophie, and the great group of people who attended.

The participants had to battle with much more changeable light than last year, with the variations in cloud cover, bright sunlight and open shade meaning exposure times varied from 12 seconds to 5 minutes or longer. In light of this, the fact everyone went away with at least two well exposed pictures was very pleasing.

Here's some of the best shots from the day, and we'll add more as they come in over the next little while.

If you missed this one, don't worry, we have enough Pringles tins left over for next year, and are already planning some additional activities and challenges.

Capture away.