Capture by A photoblog



by Jackson Perry

It felt like we were overdue for a post, and when I took the time to look back at what had come before, I realised yesterday we turned three. So before we get into it, thanks once again for another year of fine imagery, thoughtful comments, and general all round support and wonderfulness.

Movement Photography.

Capturing objects in motion, with either high shutter speeds, freezing action as it happens, or slow speeds, creating movement with artistic blurs, often brings unexpected results.

We'd like you to have a go, and because it's been a long time since we had a competition on here, we'll give away a copy of this fantastic book Tell You What, edited by PA luminary Jolisa Gracewood, and Susanna Andrew at AUP, for the shot which best captures movement.

Entries close Wednesday 17th December. Prize will hopefully reach the lucky winner by Christmas.

Capture away.