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Laneway 2014 + Lorde

by Jackson Perry

The fifth Laneway... was this the fifth? Certainly the third, and likely the last at Silo Park, although it seems negotiations are 'ongoing'.

Let's get this bit out of the way early. The venue and organisation yesterday, from where I was standing, walking, lying on the grass, climbing the gantry courtesy of Visa View, was top notch. Hard to fault it, so I won't.

I also found having made my plans well in advance using the Laneway app, I was never at a loss what to do next. Although when Jagwar Ma did their ear-splitting aural assault, I did perhaps drift over to the Thunderdome for a little respite.

I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story.

Capture away.


ETA: Last night Lorde did her make up show on the Laneway site at Silo Park. If we can move past the ridiculous headlines our nanna daily has put out there, the fans were thrilled. We should remember that Ella and her crew, 48 hours prior, were in LA getting two Grammys, and tomorrow embark on a month long tour of Europe. She didn't have to come back for her fans, but she did, and the performance was brilliant.

I added a couple of photos to the main post, and will put one or two more in the comments.

Finally, not sure this will be there for long, so while it is, grab Dan's (@Danbakes) recording of Lorde covering James Blake's Retrograde.

Doprah on the Cactus Cat stage. Good way to ease into the festival. Photo: Jackson Perry

Daughter on Hey Seuss. This is a band I'll be spending more time with. Classic 4AD, although they seemed a little surprised to be so well received. Photo: Jackson Perry

Unknown Mortal Orchestra on Mysterex. Great set, and seemed a real crowd pleaser. Doing what they do do well. Photo: Jackson Perry

As always, one of the best parts of the day was all the lovely people. Tall timber. Photo: Jackson Perry

Kurt Vile sure had the best backdrop, and didn't disappoint musically. Although there was a point it started to feel so laid back I had to have a lie down. Great dinner music. Photo: Jackson Perry

Savages on Hey Seuss. At any festival you hope to see one act that blows your mind. Savages were that act. The lead singer Jenny Beth (real name: Camille Berthomier) generates amazing stage presence and the kind of intensity you recall from 80s post-punk acts like Siouxsie Sioux. Stunning. Photo: Jackson Perry

As the sun went down over the Cactus Cat stage, waiting for Jamie XX, a unicorn sauntered by... Photo: Jackson Perry