Capture by A photoblog


In the Mosh Pit at the Orchestra

by Jackson Perry

Remix the Orchestra - Auckland Town Hall, 31 May 2012

Last night the full Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra (APO) and several established and up and coming Hip Hop artists got together to perform a show that culminates four years of collaboration under the Remix the Orchestra banner.  They brought the house down. 

Five APO musicians played as featured orchestral artists: Miranda Adams (violin), Eric Renick (percussion), Brent Grapes (trumpet), Ingrid Hagan (bassoon) and Bridget Miles (Clarinet).

On the Hip Hop side, the artists where as diverse as they were talented.
DJCXL, Frisko (aka Alphrisk), Tyree and Ermehn all performed along with longstanding members of the Remix crew JEM and Anonymouz and an assortment of other musicians, including the opera singing rapper Chess Countess.

At one stage during the concert Slave (Mark Williams) conducted a battle between the Hip Hop artists and the APO.  For the record, everybody won.

Rather than using up to many words trying to explain it all, this video provides a good introduction.

APO Remix the Orchestra

I was very fortunate to be invited along to Capture both the rehearsal and the performance.  A very big thanks to Richard and Kendra from the APO for a wonderful evening and the opportunity to capture such a special occasion.


The full orchestra and Remix ensemble required the stage to be extended, and a wide angle lens during rehearsal. Photo: Jackson Perry

Remix performer Jeremy Mayall plays the theremin (cheers Peter McLennan) Photo: Jackson Perry

Anonymouz (Matt Salapu) centre stage, responsible for the overall production of the event. Photo: Jackson Perry

Chess Countess (back) with Miranda Adams - Concertmaster Violin. Photo: Jackson Perry

Syah Folau (guitar) with Brent Grapes (trumpet), Ingrid Hagan (bassoon). Photo: Jackson Perry

Tyree (centre) shows his appreciation at the end of the concert. Photo: Jackson Perry