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Great Southern Land

by Jackson Perry

Last week I ventured south, starting in Nelson, and then a wonderful weekend in Christchurch, where several of the Public Address massive provided excellent hospitality. Cheers Emma, Lilith, Stephen J, Isabel and Ian D (and friends). Was great to meet some of you for the first time, and catch up with others.

Friday 1st of March, by all accounts, was the first day of autumn. Waking in Nelson to the bluest skies I can recall, it felt more like the beginning of the golden weather than the end. There's a lot of clichés about the Nelson climate, and in spite of the long hot summer we've all had this year, they all seem to be true. Even after a 24 hour whirlwind stay, I left thinking it was a place I could easily live in.

Then to Christchurch.

In two days I felt like I got to see a multitude of things, thanks mainly to Lilith and Ian, who accompanied me on separate tours that took in Woolston (Coolston!?), New Brighton, Sumner, Lyttelton, the CBD and one of my favourite discoveries, the Canterbury Sale Yards, in all their abandoned graffiti glory.

I tried not to focus too much on the quake, and just enjoy the company of the people there. I did this mostly, but you'd have to be sleep walking not to notice the spaces in between. After a great night with several at Pomeroy's, I walked through the CBD back to my motel. Something about the fenced off ruins, glowing road cones, and mercury lights over the Avon at night got stuck in my throat.

Arohanui to all in Christchurch.

Capture away.