Capture by A photoblog


Going, Going, Global

by Jackson Perry

Last night at Galatos, over three levels, and starting on time at 7pm (meaning I missed the first band Little Bark while eating my ramen), the Going Global Showcase was like putting your favourite contemporary New Zealand music playlist on the stereo, and wallowing in the vibe.

Before running out of steam, I managed to catch Jesse Sheehan, Kaitlin Riegel, Arthur Ahbez, Anthonie Tonnan and band, Ha The Unclear, Race Banyon, and She's So Rad. Then home and in bed by 10.30pm!

Hanging out with Russell and Jimmy, and bumping into all the usual suspects, it was pretty much the perfect night out.

Capture away.

Gala Morris aka 'Gala Georgette' - Jesse Sheehan's bass player Photo: Jackson Perry

Race Banyon II - we were fascinated by the little coloured keypad. Photo: Jackson Perry