Capture by A photoblog


Emma in Egypt

by Emma Hart

There are several places in Egypt you're not allowed to take cameras. They're not allowed inside the temples at Abu Simbel, for instance, or anywhere in the Valley of the Kings. There are other places, like most of the museums, where you can't use a flash, and the rooms are very dark.

In other places, like inside the temples that still have rooves, you get caught in a dilemma: a grainy no-flash image that catches what you're actually seeing, or a brighter one that changes the colours and washes out the details? In Egypt, photography could be difficult, and I have to assume that's the reason why, in winnowing these photos down for Capture, I've ended up with mostly photos of Jordan.

My travelling companion and I ended up taking complementary strategies. He took a waterproof travel camera, that could handle the dust and sand. I took a more temperamental beast with excellent optical zoom. I don't know that it made a lot of difference most of the time.

And still, the best shot I took of the Treasury at Petra, I took on my iPhone.

In the garden at the Egyptian Museum, where they appear to have just tossed about more stuff they can't fit inside. Photo: Emma Hart

The colonnade of sphinxes at Karnak. Kept his head while all around him... Photo: Emma Hart

This cute little guy was one of four stone figures in Jerash, advertising the wares of, erm, a butcher shop. Sorry. Photo: Emma Hart

Through the arch to where the other half of Jerash is still buried. Photo: Emma Hart

Sunset over the Dead Sea. The air is hazy from the evaporating lake. Photo: Emma Hart

Couldn't resist. Actual raven on the battlements, Shobak Castle. Photo: Emma Hart

This little guy followed us all the way from the Treasury down to the Cardio at Petra, all by himself. Then he had a Sit. Photo: Emma Hart

Wadi Rum. The point at which I decided continuing to climb that dune was a bloody stupid idea. Photo: Emma Hart

Can't go to Jordan and not get this shot. Taken on my sodding iPhone. Photo: Emma Hart