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BDO - Post Hoc

by Jackson Perry

There was no shortage of hype for this year's Big Day Out, The Comeback Tour. Then when Blur pulled out, there was no shortage of gripe. I was certainly looking forward to seeing them.

Looking back on last Friday, after 40 minutes in the 'bladder control' queue, 40 minutes in the 'this grey beard is painted on' age verification queue, and giving up before the 'died of dehydration' queue, I could easily get drawn into the post mortem. Make an orderly line here.

However, it certainly wasn't their fault Vodafone's 3G service was down the whole time I was there, coming back just in time for me to post a photo of a letterbox on twitter as we left. It was a nice letterbox. I mean look.

Let's face it, there were some issues. They have been acknowledged, and next year the organisers have promised to do better. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

Overall I liked the venue. The trees, grass and readily available shade were a welcome change from the gravel pit Mt Smart had become.

My highlights of the day, in no particular order;

Naked and Famous - I was convinced.

Arcade Fire - I saw them at BDO 2008, and they just keep getting better.

Hives - If he would only SHUDDUP! Also, calling fans 'Hobbitses' doesn't necessarily endear them towards you. M'kay?

Ladi6 - She always wins the '100% into her performance' prize.

Possibly my favourite of all was Tom Lark with Lydia Cole in the MetroMag Cube. They were wonderful. I'd like a whole gig just with them.

It is possible that not being allowed my bag in the D has meant the main stage photos are a little 'distant'.

Feel free to add your own photos/memories in the comments.

Capture away.

Naked and Famous. I really enjoyed their set. The rest of the crowd seemed to as well. Photo: Jackson Perry

Aqua Man. Giving out water in the D was a nice touch. ETA: Nice ink. Photo: Jackson Perry

Tom Lark and Lydia Cole II. I thought they deserved another. Photo: Jackson Perry

Snoop. This fan wasn't 'over being told to throw her hands up in the air.' Photo: Jackson Perry