Capture by A photoblog


Auckland Festival of Photography 2015

by Jackson Perry

The Auckland Festival of Photography runs 28 May - 20 June. If you have picked up the festival book, you'll be wondering how you could possibly see it all within the allotted time period. There is A LOT on.

We're very grateful to the organisers for giving us some photos to share, relating to one of the main events, Whitecliffe Festival Tuesday. 

This is held over one night on Tuesday 2nd June at 10 different venues. There are "Complimentary Whitecliffe Festival vans" to ferry you between venues, running every 20 minutes.

Beyond this hyperactive one off event, I suggest you pick up the programme (link to online ISSUU version), and carve out some serious photography appreciation time.

NZIPP, Level 1 Atrium on Elliot, 21 - 25 Elliot St. Photo: Holly Spring

Sanderson Contemporary, Osborne Lane, 2 Kent St. Newmarket. Photo: Kate van der Drift

Silos, Ak Festival Hub, Silo Park, Wynyard Qtr. Photo: Maria Kapajeva