Busytown by Jolisa Gracewood

Nothing to see, folks

So, the bomb at Yale is looking less like the first stage of an Al Qaeda campaign against Bush's alma mater and more like something local. Just your regular small-scale disgruntled employee/grad student event folks, nothing to see, move along, unless you are trying to finish your exams at Yale... they'll have plenty more disgruntled students on their hands if they don't let them in to retrieve their hastily abandoned notes, bags, and laptops pretty soon.

All the instant national security hoo-ha was partly due to the proximity of the President, who was giving a Commencement address at the Coast Guard academy just along the coast at New London (home of the nuclear submarine fleet and quite an impressive bridge), and the fact that one of the party-hearty Bush twins is currently a Yale undergrad. According to Jay Leno last night, the President was unconcerned, saying "Oh, heck, when I was at Yale I used to get bombed all the time."

Speaking of Curious George the Party Monkey, check out this article by Village Voice writer Richard Goldstein about the Presidential Package. This is definitely one from the things you'd rather not have been persuaded to contemplate department (it certainly seems to have gotten up Andrew Sullivan's nose, as it were...). Thank your lucky stars that the electronic version of Goldstein's piece doesn't have the extreme close-up that the print version prominently featured. That full-frontal ECU quite put me off my breakfast. Not that I'm opposed to a well-placed pair of handsomely proportioned and inviting pants on the right person. Alas, most of the rockstar-quality bulging crotches I see these days are due to the spectacular holding power of modern nappy technology, rather than tickets to the latest Ewan McGregor rolled-up-sock-fest or a front row vantage point at the Bowery Ballroom...