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2017 ICT Policy Election Special

Over the past few weeks we spent some time with the main party political parties and their ICT representatives in order to have them articulate their stance.

ICT representatives

We get to hear from:


  1. What is your own tech background?
  2. Can you sum up your parties ICT policy for us please?
  3. What are the 3 differences between your policy approach and the other parties?
  4. How will your policies speedup and increase the maturity of our IT deployments, specifically in government?
  5. How will your policies help the ICT industry grow and develop and take the country forward?

We then asked each MP a different 'Listener question', thanks to all that sent them in.

Thanks so much to all the party representatives, and we hope this podcast gives you more of an insight into how each of the political parties see ICT and will help you decide who to give your vote to.

ICT Policies (at time of writing)

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