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  • Hard News: Not good enough, Eden Park, in reply to Angus Robertson,

    From the Herald article: "But unless everyone else around Ms Spyksma was offended by the men's slurs, they would likely not have been kicked out." So in this case, as I believe Emma was pointing out, the fact no-one else complained WAS taken as assent.

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  • Hard News: Not good enough, Eden Park,

    It's a shocking response from Eden Park - essentially as it's condoning the use of hate slurs.

    I applaud Hannah Spyksma for standing up to these morons, especially as it's a hugely difficult thing to do in that situation.

    I had a similar issue back in Scotland at a football match. Some drunken idiots were sitting behind me, trying to break some seats and were abusing an old guy in the crowd.

    Notionally there were supporters of the same team as I was but I had had enough and, despite the protestations of my parents, I turned around and let them have it.

    There was no support from anyone around me despite these morons annoying everyone yet I was warned that I could be in trouble for my behaviour. All I had done was tell the guys to shut up or I would get the police over and have them ejected.

    It's a pity no-one around her was able to support her to ensure these idiots didn't get away with their physical and verbal abuse.

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