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  • Hard News: More party pill palaver,

    My friend and I took BZP last weekend at Parihaka as a bit of an experiment ... and I have to say those wee suckers are pretty strong. They are not unlike taking a mild hit of acid - far too full-on to be sold at the corner store. I agree they should be over the counter, but I don't think they should be banned. Like all recreational drugs moderation is the key but unfortunately the kids aren't all that good at being moderate - so some kind of control is necessary.

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  • Hard News: Grandpa,

    that was a lovely tribute to your grandad ... I lost both my grandads while living in London too - in fact I was living just down the road on Friary Estate in Peckham. It is tough - but I think grandparent's understand - I spoke to one of my grandad's days before he died and he was adamant that I didn't go home - he just wanted to slip away and not bother anyone - so while it was wrenching, I knew he would have been annoyed if I had made the trip! and I'm with you on the orphan Christmas' - always slightly bent and so hysterically memorable, that part of london was a blast - don't know if it still is - I hope so ...

    Have a great christmas Russell, and here's to another incoming year of hard news all round ...

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  • Hard News: More than a little odd,

    Is your phone still ringing??

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