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  • Public Address Word of the Year 2008,

    There is absolutely no question that 'absolutely' is absolutely THE word for 2008. 'Absolutely' has proved to be the absolutely indispensable word is the lexicon of anyone making a pronouncement on absolutely anything - absolutely dahling.

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  • Spoof of the Genesis pukeko TV ad,

    If not Huntly what?
    Shutting down Huntly will cost what? In dollars? In employment? In carbon credits?
    Just how big will the replacement generating system carbon footprint be?
    How many decades to develop, get resource consent for and then build a better system? Or should we give Mighty River Power, the thermometer's clean, greenpeace champion carte blanch to dam(n) every river and creek in the country? More than enough water runs off fiordland to make a decent contribution to the national grid once it is properly collected, piped and channeled.
    Meanwhile from whom do I get my power at an affordable price?
    What about using less power? Not just less or lots less but lots and lots less? After all if we don't use it they cannot sell it.

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