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  • Summer Holiday,

    This year's Xmas for me was in Vienna and very Austrian and very traditional. Each action of the evening stretched back thru family history - the decorations, the tree, the presents process (in the evening!!), the singing around the tree, the different drinks for each stage. Except, bizarrely enough the food, which was excellent but not at all xmassy. And no snow anywhere as we live through an incredibly warm european winter.

    I haven't had a NZ xmas for the last 5 years. but i'm coming home to live again this month - roll on summer holidays! I'm getting ready for the culture shock :)

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  • Hard News: Grandpa,

    That was a great story Russell, thank you :)

    And thank you and all the contributors for another excellent year of Public Address. Over the last 4 years that I've been away it has been my primary source of NZness and about the only thing I read consistently.

    Prettige Kerst

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