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  • Hard News: Feeling Unserious,

    These guys are so tight on stage it is amazing:

    they had a great rapport with the audience, really seemed to enjoy the feedback and seemed to be having a great time when I saw them at Vic Uni.

    Some Kiwi classics:


    The Clean

    The Chills

    The Straitjacket Fits

    The Able Tasmans


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  • Flying Nun Moments,

    There is a symmetry here ... maybe.

    The first time I went along to a Radio Massey announcers meeting and they had a few spare copies of "In Love With These Times" that they thought they'd give away to the hard working announcers.

    Yep, I won one. I felt like such a heel, I hadn't done any announcing or actual work and I was one LP to the good, but I wanted that record so much. I resolved to earn that LP dammit! I did do a fair bit of on-air work in that crappy little studio out the back of the sports hall over the next few years.

    I still have the album. By gum some of the bands on their are classics. I ended up seeing nine of them live. Every single one of them was better live. The energy that surged out of the crowd when Shayne and the boys started into 'She Speeds' was breathtaking, and they responded, pushed it right back at us, and we went even more mental. Outrageous. Thanks for that Shayne.

    Bailter Space were incredibly good, but in a more detached, surreal way. I got the feeling they wouldn't have cared if there was noone listening, they enjoyed making these amazing noises and were just letting us in and if we liked it too then stay and listen. The noise they produced was mind altering, so loud, and yet so subtle. Sublime.

    The Chills. Seems sort of sad now, so much promise, so many set backs. Such beautiful pop songs. The real surprise for me was how good they were live. Heaps of energy, way edgier than any of their recordings. Seems a shame noone every captured that side of them. Perhaps they needed the services of Steve Albini.

    My biggest Nun regret? Missing Chris Knox playing here in Canberra. I even rang the Student Union to find out the exact time and date. They got it wrong. Bastards. Poor old Chris played to three people apparently. Vowed never to come back here again. I felt bad I hadn't added that critical mass. Chris Knox is a legend in Hawaiian shorts and deserves an audience of at least four.

    So .. the first post to Public Address. Will I be an undeserved winner again? Wait and see eh?

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