Hard News by Russell Brown

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Hard News: The GST Punt

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  • Kyle Matthews,

    I would be rather peeved if I was in a rental property and forced to tend silverbeet so I could learn about the wonders of fresh produce

    You might not get to start on the silverbeet. If you piss off your fellow community gardeners you might be on compost duty. If you're lucky they'll give you a shovel.

    Since Nov 2006 • 6243 posts Report

  • Ian Dalziel,

    Not the one in the quad between the library archway and the English Dept? Or whatever they are in their current iteration? No, I think that was a copper beech. Anyway, sad!

    The huge Copper Beech is still there
    the Ginkgo was outside the Observatory tower
    it created a foul stench when fruiting,
    many won't miss it...

    Christchurch • Since Dec 2006 • 7953 posts Report

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