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Hard News: The drumbeat for reform gets louder

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  • steven crawford,

    It should have come as no surprise after the narrow referendum defeat last year of a bill to legalise and regulate cannabis that its loudest and best-funded opponents should have wandered off to find a new culture war.

    That right there!

    loud people.

    But one prominent “No” campaigner, the Salvation Army, issued a statement immediately after the result calling on the government to develop ”legislation that provides comprehensive and well thought-through decriminalisation”, which should include “the further removal of criminal sanctions for casual use of cannabis” and better funding for drug treatment.

    Yes, the culture war on drug law reform didn’t end so well.

    One of the Pro legalise, regulate teams weapons of choice has been to get on the key board and type “evidence based”. This is incredibly smug and not super duper clever, coming people who believe in green fairies.

    I’m a creative. I’m trained – my turn to be a wanker now – I have an arts degree, which is an evidence based document showing I spent four years jumping thru every hoop the New Zealand tertiary education system placed in front of me.. Art isn’t “evidence based” Its totally not evidence based. Trust me on that.

    If we all only did “evidence based’ evidence based and again evidence based, we wouldn’t have any art. we wouldn’t be human.

    Funny thing about addiction. To whatever, alcohol-heroin, weed – is that its an irrational compulsive behaviour. Putting photos of rotting guts on cigaret packets doesn’t stop people from smoking. People who are mainly good at reading heaps of data on the internet, really should not assume authority over all things simply because they are popular people and are good at aristocratic style arguing. Especially live and death things.

    Heres a story, from once upon a time. It is a memory, a little foggy but a couple of bits stuck. There was this guy. Think his name was Graham, no hundred percent sure. Was living in what might have been a state house – so long ago, possibly Point Chevalier, not sure but definitely Auckland. So this guy was a junky. But not what you might imagine. He was raving about how he was trying to circumvent the law by making heroin analogs out of wild lettuce:-)

    Making injectable opiates out of lettuce is in-fact doable but its probably easier to go and buy Gees Linctus from the chemist which is also not prohibited. The really crazy thing was that he could have just gone and signed up to the methadone program and gotten legal drugs that way. Not the point, Graham was on a mission, sort of like a green fairy, but with lettuce. And piles of horrendous industrial chemical. He died from drug addiction, sadly.

    Drug addiction is insane, really is evidence based.

    Next time I might tell the story of the forty year old singer of the band who helpfully inject the twenty year old, who accidentally died. Tragic! but the singer of the band was so intrenched with his belief that what he’d done was harm reduction ( because the younger chap had an air bubble in his gear ) that the judge had no alternative but to sentence this care free rocker to jail.

    Green fairies, maybe be careful not to start getting too clever, you’re not real doctors.

    Nope to Dope has nothing to do with this. Not a culture war.

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