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Hard News: Extraordinary Powers

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  • Lucy Stewart,

    I understand why he's so popular in the US, because there are very few people willing to say some of the things he says. But he's also a smug sexist douchebag more than occasionally.

    I've only seen Bill Maher a few times, but he seems to mix it up between "wow that's incredibly funny", and "do you have to be an arsehole?" That's never going as far.

    Both of those, basically. I used to watch some of his show but the enjoyment/annoyance ratio started moving far too rapidly in the wrong direction.

    In terms of influence, Jon Stewart has it all over him. Barack Obama is appearing on Comedy Central - a cable channel I believe - this week, and he's not doing it because there's a big hole in his schedule and nothing better came along. Pulling power.

    Maher is on HBO, which isn't part of regular cable channels the way Comedy Central is - you usually pay extra for it. That being considered, he is very well-known. But the Daily Show/Colbert Report have moved into a class of their own, though I have spoken to graduate-school-attending Americans who haven't heard of Colbert, so.

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  • 3410,

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  • Danielle,

    an adverse allergic reaction to some medication

    He's allergic to cocaine now? That's going to put a cramp in his style.

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