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Hard News: Dirty Politics

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  • Neil,

    There’s a lot I agree with in Jessica McAllen’s article on the government’s mental health funding priorities.

    The most at risk are the voices least heard.

    Another important point she makes is that mental health is not necessarily a continuum.

    Major mental health issues such as BPAD and Schizophrenia can first occur without much warning, There is often little opportunity for any preventative intervention in the most severe forms of mental illness.

    Appropriate funding for these people – the most at risk – is not currently on the government’s agenda.

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  • Ian Dalziel, in reply to ,

    “Cameron Slater’s mendacious, bullshit-ridden site has finally been shut down – and yet, somehow, the grift goes on, writes reformed blogger Danyl Mclauchlan”

    It would have been better if Mclauchlan actually got Matt Blomfield's name right;

    "There were long, detailed attacks on an obscure Auckland socialite, and a campaign against Matthew Bloomfield, a person of no obvious political relevance, who owned a Hell’s Pizza franchise. "

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  • John Farrell,

    Well, well...


    "Did the National party leak Winston Peters’ superannuation details? In my opinion, yes.

    The reason I say that is because in the weeks before the leak, I was told by the Nats that the nats had the information. They told me they were considering leaking it. They told me how they would leak it, the process they would follow to cover their tracks. Without going into details, I can tell you that’s exactly how it played out."

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