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  • Andre,

    @Islander - I expected the Greens to be polling on about 20% by now and wonder who the pollsters contact for their surveys. They are the only show in town if you're a left-winger. There is a sharp divide between those who hate beneficiaries and those who don't, and I think that is a more prevalent theme than most policy areas when looking at what people are saying online and over the course of conversation. It's like the whole economic situation is the fault of sickness beneficiaries like SBW's sparring partner tonight and students who haven't paid their loans off - and that those who have "worked hard their whole lives" are entitled to be bailed out of the recession by future taxpayers. Selling the utility companies and Air NZ is fine as long as it gets them beyond the global recession without losing a bean. And bugger the unemployed, low wage workers and solo mums - it's all their fault. It's rather sad but I feel that is the argument that will win or lose the election. I used to know people who would vote for the party that would guarantee their mortgage rate wouldn't increase - and beneficiary bashing seems that type of issue for many. I think that you are right about a marked difference in attitudes between young and old but there are a lot of twenty-somethings out there that hate beneficiaries too. In some polls it is 65% of all respondents across the board. It could be the issue that decides the election - are you willing to bash a bene? It's a sad indictment on us as a society and reflects a loss of community compared to our egalitarian roots.

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  • Kumara Republic, in reply to Andre,

    A classic case of scapegoating and wedge politics. Some dismiss it as mere underhand tactics, but from modern history, it was the stepping stone to far worse shit.

    To name a few examples:

    - Trolling arsehats like Darcy Blockadot on Brian Edwards’ blog freely making racial jokes at the expense of the downtrodden.
    - Aspiring ladder-climber Natasha Fuller experiencing ostracism and abusive calls from the locals after Minister Bennett blatantly dumps on her.
    - Michael Lhaws’ frequent use of words like ‘vermin’ and ‘parasite’.
    - And across the ditch, egging on physical violence against Lebanese youths during the Cronulla riots.

    The “Benefit Fraud. It’s A Crime” PSA’s from the Shipley era clearly identified a ‘hated minority group’. Yet there’s a pretty thin dividing line between freely dissing hated minority groups, and calling for outright violence against them. I refer to an earlier reply I made to Rex W about hate speech leading to violence. It only takes one Jared Loughner…

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  • Crunchy Weta,

    The Queen nailed it decades ago...

    All democracies are bankrupt now.

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  • Andy Pickering, in reply to Rich of Observationz,

    I'm as excited by anyone of tales of flying around in MIG-21s and Spitfires, that kinda thing... but the PILOT Magazine Russell speaks of is in fact, this one:



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  • Russell Brown, in reply to Andy Pickering,

    but the PILOT Magazine Russell speaks of is in fact, this one:

    Duh. A link might have been handy there, right?

    Anyway, thanks again: I’m really enjoying the book this weekend, because I can’t do much else – including get much more than iced water down my strep-ravaged throat.

    I was sitting there with the iPad this morning, putting down the book occasionally and dialling up that or that YouTube clip.

    Including the 1981 20/20 report on the new rap craze, and its roots. Produced by Danny Schecter(!) and still a great watch.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    One thing to watch for: in the video for Blondie’s 'Rapture', the DJ is not in fact Grandmaster Flash, but Jean-Michel Basquiat. Flash didn’t show up on the day.

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  • Hilary Stace,

    Just caught the end of a rare interview with Keri on Radio NZ. Recommend seeking it out through their website.

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  • Ian Dalziel, in reply to Andy Pickering,

    a mag named after Cowcatchers?
    is Pilot the new Black?

    I was thinking more Pilote


    Proud Mucus....
    Good to see Russell acting as our Rap Rapporteur,
    phlegmatic even under phlegm attack, gurgly...

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