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Hard News: About Occupy Wall Street

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  • Ian Dalziel,

    Quote for the day:

    "We can have a democratic society or we can have the concentration of great wealth in the hands of the few. We cannot have both."
    -- Louis Brandeis, Supreme Court Justice from 1916--1939

    from the What Really Happened site

    Christchurch • Since Dec 2006 • 7948 posts Report Reply

  • Joe Wylie,

    I see that Stuff estimates the turnout in Christchurch as "around 50". At the time of the march to Riccarton there'd have been easily five times that number. I wonder if their figures for Auckland and Wellington are similarly screwy?

    BTW has James dropped by yet to tell us that there aren't really any protesters on Wall Street, just webtrolls counting heads?

    flat earth • Since Jan 2007 • 4593 posts Report Reply

  • Ian Dalziel,

    Tundra and lightning...
    Ahem, Bethel in Alaska had a good turn out, too
    good on her!

    Christchurch • Since Dec 2006 • 7948 posts Report Reply

  • andin,

    Buy free-range eggs. Or cage-free, in a tight week.

    Low "tech" always a good start.

    raglan • Since Mar 2007 • 1890 posts Report Reply

  • Jonathan King,

    Funny: I know this is all done by algorithm ... But just what key words are the NZ Police using to place their ads? Recruiting ads on 'Cops go nuts' and 'Police brutality' Occupy Wall Street stories! http://twitpic.com/70z70x http://twitpic.com/70z6nz

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  • Kumara Republic,

    Some say the Occupy Wellington crowd didn’t know what it stood for. If that’s the case, then there are 2 obvious targets ripe for occupation: the offices of Treasury and the NZBR.

    The southernmost capital … • Since Nov 2006 • 5439 posts Report Reply

  • Hilary Stace, in reply to Kumara Republic,

    Occupy Wellington chose its venue carefully - across the road from the NZX building and beside the public heart of the city, civic square. (They can probably also see the big screen at the fanzone from their site.) The mayor has been to visit them today.

    Wgtn • Since Jun 2008 • 3222 posts Report Reply

  • Hilary Stace,

    A short video from the beginning of yesterday's Occupy Wellington (The Milanese reporter missed the Milanese native a few feet away.)

    Wgtn • Since Jun 2008 • 3222 posts Report Reply

  • Sofie Bribiesca,

    Thank you Hilary

    here and there. • Since Nov 2007 • 6796 posts Report Reply

  • DCBCauchi,

    Some impressions:

    I went along on the first day. Bit worried by a couple of things, but nothing too significant. It’s all good (mostly). I’ve got my own work to do. Stuff no-one else can do. Reckon I’m best supporting from the sidelines.

    My favourite line was ‘The beginning is nigh!’

    Lots of people tried to take over with their tired old lines, and no-one really paid them much attention. Sensible people are only interested in sensible solutions.

    A couple of weeks ago we lived in a world ruled by lies, over-complication, and obfuscation. Now we’re seeing what it’s like where we govern ourselves according to truth and morality.

    One of the many things I like about this movement is how everyone makes a free choice which side they’re on. But it’s not actually the ‘good’ side vs the ‘bad’ side. No-one is completely good, just as no-one is completely bad. Not even psychopaths. Unless you let (or make) them be.

    I reckon it’s between adults and children. Those who will honestly face up to themselves (never pretty) and their responsibilities (never easy), and those who refuse to yet. Those who will willingly do the hard work needed and those who prefer to shirk it. (I say pompously yet again. Yawn.)

    They should be pitied not hated. We need to get rid of the ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality. Who’s ‘them’? We’re all just ‘we’.

    Everyone who thinks they can just repeat, carry on what they’ve always thought and done: Grow up!

    It’s pathetic.

    No-one gets everything they want, and everyone gets something they want. Even children can understand this. I tried to explain my partner’s ‘In NZ 1% owns 16%’ sign to a very small girl who asked nicely what it meant (and who I’m pretty sure didn’t know the word ‘percentage’). She clarified my explanation, thought about it carefully, then said with that wonderful childlike seriousness: ‘No, it’s not fair. Everyone should get the same amount [of the basic necessities of life].’ It really is that simple. Even a child can see things as they are. No-one’s fooled.

    Time to get real.

    Wish I’d seen more people that I knew, but the people that I talked with seemed very on to it. And we’re showing the rest of the world how it should be done. We really are.

    Who’s the most developed Western nation now eh!?! Ha ha.

    And that’s more than enough from me.

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  • Ian Dalziel,

    Calvin & Hobbes explain modern Capitalism
    ( from Daily Bail but found via whatreallyhappened )

    Christchurch • Since Dec 2006 • 7948 posts Report Reply

  • merc,

    A 20 year old co-worker resigned work to occupy Auckland, and is found quoting Che on yutub...I am conflicted.

    Since Dec 2006 • 2471 posts Report Reply

  • Ian Dalziel,

    Occupy History! NZ stories...

    All three posts give just a glimpse of what a rich history there is to be found amongst the peoples of this land. Thank you.

    @ Islander, Andin, DCBC & others - another NZ story that may be of interest, which I stumbled upon through a random connection in an old tool shop in deepest Philipstown today (as you do...)
    Kimble Bent - Malcontent
    Graphic Novel by Chris Grosz*
    from the book, The adventures of Kimble Bent: a story of wild life in the New Zealand bush by James Cowan.

    shameless plugs I know...
    (and even though The Listener kinda panned it
    - it looks interesting to me)

    I first came across Grosz's work when he played in Porkchops, the resident band for a while, upstairs at The Gresham (Chchch) in the '70s, I still have one of his posters and self published books somewhere, I think he did illustrations for Canta, too.

    Christchurch • Since Dec 2006 • 7948 posts Report Reply

  • andin, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    shameless plugs I know...

    Plug away... Looks good to me too, Listener review!
    I'd need to know who did it. Sorry I dont buy it or even grab it for a flick through anymore.
    The authorities really liked to stick derogatory labels to people back then didnt they. Funny they dont have the same sting they used to.

    raglan • Since Mar 2007 • 1890 posts Report Reply

  • Kumara Republic,

    We all know about the Winter of Discontent in 1970s Britain, where its union movement basically pushed its luck a tad too far. Are we starting to see its mirror flip today with Wall St?

    The southernmost capital … • Since Nov 2006 • 5439 posts Report Reply

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