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  • Hard News: Let's lynch the liberals!,

    Goff and dog whistling is a storm in a tea cup. Labour may occasionally whistle a bit - so what? - but they're never going to go rancid. It's not in their DNA (nor National's in fact other than at the idiot extremes). Calm down. All be gone in a couple of weeks.

    The bigger story in Russell's piece is the CRU emails. Monbiot has it right: this is serious and it won't go away. And good on him for acknowledging that given his very strong profile in this space to date. The science - like all science - has never been that certain in fact. The balance of probabilities has it. That's reinforced by the precautionary principle: we don't want to discover in 50 years time that we SHOULD have done something and now it's too late. Far better to discover it was going to happen anyway but thanks for trying.

    Actually, that'll do, but because the science has been oversold - because the idiot media read by the idiot us require it to be so - it must be kicked back one day. And good men and women will resort to subterfuge - as they appear to have done at the CRU - because they're not allowed to be real scientists when they get into the interface between science and policy. The real question is then how we have a sensible debate about this without it descending into supporting different footie teams.

    Our future seems rather to depend on it which is a dismal prospect given our sub-chimpanzee behaviour on anything serious.

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