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    I'll second that.

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    I followed your comments on the Hope and Wire review post, where you made a discussion about the dramatisation of a natural disaster, and the effect on thousands of people, about your particular response to the word rape.

    “It’s like they are raping the city,” he said. “And what shocking acting. I’m off home now, I’ll wade through old-school stereotypes and several skirmishes with skinheads to get there.”

    The word "rape" means:

    The act of taking something by force; esp. the seizure of property by violent means; robbery, plundering.

    Often it is used to refer to sexual force but that is not the only meaning. Rape was a property crime, and women were property.

    And, after four years of having Gerry as an overlord, it does feel like Christchurch has had things taken by force, it does feel like property has been seized by violent means, it does feel like robbery, and it does feel like plundering.
    It is a valid word to use, and for some here it is a valid description of what has happened here.

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    yeah, no. Yeah.

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