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  • Speaker: Telling Our Own Tales,

    As another Chch-born Aucklander, I'd like to thank Russell and all the contributors for their thoughtful comments.

    Except of course the troll bleating like they were actually the real victim because they feel hated. Much easier to feel like a victim than feel empathy apparently. There, there, hope your victimhood turns into a path to a reaching a better place.

    The real victims are of course in Chch or wherever they fled to. Some people have only recently got repairs to houses (like my bro) and had to wait for years in a leaky freezing cold house with one or more unusable rooms.

    The word is that the fancy houses up on the hills (etc) - populated by the "right" kind of people - got priority while the ordinary people got to wait and wait and wait. Also the quality of repairs is apparently very poor in many cases so one problem has been replaced by another.

    The reality of the suffering of Chch people is understood by few people in Auckland and Russell is one of only a few providers of real info on this topic (along with John Campbell). Much respect.

    Cheers everyone.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Whine Festival,

    Another great post RB!
    That Gil Scott Heron is pure sweetness.
    Really appreciate these Friday posts.
    Agree with your post re not pleasing everyone, it's not easy or risk-free putting on a big gig, maybe music fans could give the promoters a break.

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  • Southerly: Gerry Brownlee: “I Like To…,

    Great post Mr Haywood. Try messing with our cat and you will experience the definitive feline claws & teeth defence - at 17 years old her teeth may be too blunt to pierce skin, but the claws are sharp as ever.

    We have family suffering in quake-damaged home in Chch with no end in sight - while the mould & asbestos spread. Glad to hear you are making progress.

    Surely we must have a PAS reader who is an optometrist who can make a house call to CHCH?

    I am married to one of the very few mobile optometrists (http:\\, who would visit Chch except currently on maternity leave. I asked on your behalf, and she says you could get an improvement by massaging the muscles in your neck - particularly the sides - and around the forehead. If you can find a trigger point therapist, that would be ideal. Also try placing the palms of your clean hands over the eyes for several minutes ( put the nail gun down! ) - this is for mild heat - then rolling the eyes. If still "bung", do find a good optometrist (hint: concerned with your welfare not just flogging you some glasses). Good luck!

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  • Hard News: Party on, dudes,

    Another lurker materialises to congratulate RB et al on all their excellent work over the last 10 years. Viva Public Address!

    Been lurking since the start of PA, and before that listened to Hard News on bFM. Cheers Russell, especially for sharing so much of your time and your life with us. And respect to the responders for responses which are so often amusing, enlightened, and passionate.

    We hope to make it along to one of the events, but have a new baby due any day now, so other priorities...

    A special appreciation for the posts & responses re the Chch quakes - family we have there have been doing it hard - one of my bro's is living in his house with gaps in ceiling & wall, asbestos, mould etc, and no end in sight.

    First post complete, now it's back to the safety of lurkerland.

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