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  • Hard News: The Sound of Music,

    James Blake's album is bound to be on Chris Martin's dinner party records of the year.. I preferred his previous production work.

    From what I've seen of the world cup games I can only agree with the consensus from twitter, but honestly I didn't expect much better. If there does have to be bad pop music I agree it at least should be provided from NZ artists.

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  • Southerly: Five Simple Ingredients for a…,

    I disagree a little on the recorded music issue - the right music is a plus sometimes I think. Summertime, garden bar, rocksteady records on the jukebox.. But so often the music is wrong or at too high volume.

    I agree entirely on the sports tv though - my enjoyment of a pub is inversely proportional to the number of TVs in it - in Auckland I like Galbraiths (no tv) and the London Bar (one but it is always on mute and can therefore be ignored).

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  • Radiation: New season,

    I am midway through wire season 5 (I love it too much to bother waiting for it to appear on NZ tv). I can see why it doesn't get a good timeslot as by this point there are a huge amount of characters and back-storys to understand and try to keep track of. Season 5 introduces the baltimore sun and the media which so far has been an interesting addition. I'd say more about it all but don't want to spoil it for people. Season 4 was blindingly good.

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  • Radiation: And the Shortie killer is ...,

    In 'quality' TV news, I have just finished watching season three of The Wire. I am practically Bubbles-like in my desire for the season four DVDs. It is SO GOOD.

    Best show ever. Season 4 was fantastic..
    5th Season Premieres on Jan 6!!

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  • Yellow Peril: My black heart bleeds,

    Absolutely. I've often thought that some ominous dub would make for a great lead-up to a big test-match.

    This would be an obvious choice.

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  • Radiation: Television hell,

    Also, Vince Noir is so hot.

    Is this due to his hair?

    I also like this show, particularly the bits about music. The debate on the comparative merits of Jazz and Electro was brilliant.

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  • Random Play: Music to my ears,

    Its worth getting a pair of earplugs made to fit your ears if you go out a lot. I take mine with me everytime I go out. Unfortunately I already have tinnitus but better late than never.

    Good to see your column is back in the Real Groove mag this month Graham.

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  • Hard News: Out of the Groove,

    I only picked up my copy of Real Groove last night so haven't had time to read the article - but its worth picking up the mag for the 'awesome feeling' cd that comes with it this month.

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  • Hard News: Trams, drams and scams,

    Robin's post looks remarkable like the spam that appears in my inbox. (Well the ones that don't use randomly generated sentences).
    So is this one of the new forms of marketing?

    This (spam posts/threads) is quite a problem on some other popular message boards I am on. Not sure how it happens but hope it doesn't catch on here.

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  • Auckland Earthquake - Some Mistake Surely?,

    Watching Ep 16 of 'Heroes', fresh off the wire. Most exciting. Totally missed the earthquake.

    Likewise I was busy watching the new 'Rome' and had no idea. If and when we're shaken/erupted into oblivion my first reaction is likely to be annoyance at missing the end of the show.

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